This service in general is a software solution provider. the purpose is to develop in-house webbased software solutions which can save time, money, and easy support. Under this service, the following are included.
➢ Website development
➢ LMS (Learning Management System/ eLearning platforms)
➢ HRMS (Human Resource management system)
➢ PMS (Project Management System)
➢ eHMIS (electronic Health Management Information System)


with this service, we provide renewable, reliable, and effective power options. this service can reduce your stress on power-related problems in your Home, office, and remote areas. because this power option is soundless, and it automatically switches you and your neighbors even don't notice even the power goes. The following are the services we provide under Energy.
➢ Installation of Power backups
➢ Design Power backup System
➢ We Design, install & sale Solar Power System equipment